Dizz Loyalty App Terms & Conditions

This App is owned by DIZZ LTD, having company registration number C26823 and having registered address at Dizz Buildings, Carob Street, St. Venera SVR 1700 hereinafter referred to as ‘DIZZ GROUP’.  

The Terms and Conditions contained herein apply to the use of this App and the Scheme which will be operated under this App. Kindly read these Terms and Conditions carefully. In addition, by using this App, you will be providing us with Personal Data as defined under Data Protection Laws. To properly understand how we process Personal Data, kindly view our Privacy Policy.  

1. Definitions 

1.1 The following terms shall have the meaning assigned to as listed below: 

T&C: These Terms and Conditions  
The User: You  
App: This electronic application  
Device: The electronic equipment You utilise this App from  
Scheme: The point scheme explained under clause 4 of these T&Cs  
Intellectual Property Rights Trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, design rights, mask works, knowhow and any other similar rights.  

2. General 

2.1 These T&Cs represent the terms of use of this App and are a fully binding legal agreement between You and Dizz.  

2.2 You shall be fully responsible for any violations of these T&Cs, whether the Device the App is installed on is used by You or by any third party. Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure that your Device cannot be used without your authorisation.  

2.3 Dizz reserves the rights to cancel the Scheme, refuse to award loyalty points and refuse to redeem any loyalty points at any time without incurring any liability  

3. Conditions of Use 

3.1 This App may be used solely for the management of the Scheme and may not be used for any other purpose. 

3.2 This App may not be used for any illegal, unlawful, fraudulent or deceitful purposes. 

3.3 You may only participate in the scheme if you are 18 years or older. Should it come to our attention that you have not attained the age of 18 years, we reserve the right to cancel your account and any loyalty points contained therein shall be lost.  

3.4 The account on the App is non-transferable and cannot be used by other parties other than you. We reserve the right to cancel your account and any loyalty points contained therein, if your account is being used by a third party.  

4. Loyalty, Membership and Redemption 

4.1 When utilising the App, you will participate in the Scheme which allows for the collection and accumulation of loyalty points. 

4.2 When visiting any of the stores subject to the Scheme, you would be provided with loyalty points which can then be spent on goods provided by Dizz. 

4.3 By participating in the Scheme, you are automatically accepting the T&Cs listed herein.  

4.4 When making a purchase in any of our shops subject to the Scheme, you will be allocated Loyalty Points in line with your purchase. These will be listed on the App.  

4.5 When making a purchase, we require your Device with the App installed, to be able to award loyalty points.  

4.6 Any loyalty points awarded under the Scheme shall remain valid for a period of six (6) months and it is in the sole and absolute discretion of Dizz, to revise the scheme as it deems fit.  

4.7 When redeeming loyalty points, you may visit any of the selected Dizz shops, operating under the Scheme and you may redeem your loyalty points on any item of your choice, which is subject to the Scheme. You would need to present your App to be able to redeem your loyalty points. 

4.8 Loyalty points cannot be redeemed for cash. 

4.9 In the event that you do not have enough loyalty points for the purchase of your selected item, you would need to pay the remaining price using a valid payment method.  

4.10 Loyalty points awarded under the scheme can/cannot be used on items which are on sale or on which any discounts are applied.  

4.11 In no event shall loyalty points be refunded. In the event that an item is returned, any loyalty points used on such purchase shall be lost. In such an event, a credit note shall be issued for the purchase which may be used on a new item in terms of Dizz policy.  

4.12 By creating an account on the App, you will receive notifications in relation to the use of your loyalty points. You may also opt in to receive marketing material and discount news in relation to our stores. 

4.13 By using the App, we shall be collecting statistical data in relation to your usage of the App and purchases. We shall not be using any of your Personal Data for such activities. Should you have any queries in how your personal data is being used, please consult our privacy policy.  

5. Termination 

5.1 Dizz reserves the right to terminate this relationship with you at any time and cancel any and all your loyalty points in the event that: 

  1. You are in breach of these T&Cs 
  1. You are caught shoplifting, fraud or cheating 
  1. You are found to be misusing or abusing the Scheme. 

6. Liability 

6.1 Dizz shall in no way be liable for any damages, liabilities, costs, suits proceedings, fines, fees or penalties arising from your use or misuse of the App. You, as the account owner, shall remain fully liable for the use of your App and Device and Dizz shall in no way be liable for such.  

7. Changes to these T&Cs and the Scheme 

7.1 Dizz reserves the right to modify, cancel or change the Scheme at any time including the removal of loyalty points, without assigning any reason for such modifications. Dizz may, subject to its full and absolute discretion, change or modify the method in which loyalty points or allocated, the shops which are subject to the Scheme and how such loyalty points may be used.  

7.2 Dizz reserves the right to change, modify or replace these T&Cs at any time. In such event Dizz shall best endeavour to inform you of any such changes. Nevertheless, it shall be in your best interest to check these T&Cs regularly for any changes which may affect the terms of use of the App and the Scheme. 

8. Links to Third Party Content 

8.1 This App may contain links to third party websites or content. Dizz hereby expressly states that it does not endorse nor is it responsible for any of the content listed through such third-party links or websites. It shall be your responsibility to properly check the terms of use on such links or websites, including any privacy notices in relation to the handling of your personal data.  

9. Intellectual Property Rights 

9.1 You are hereby acknowledging that any Intellectual Property Rights related to this App, including any updates or future versions there off, shall remain the full property of Dizz. You may not make unauthorised copies of the App or any related Intellectual Property Rights.  

9.2 Nothing in these T&Cs shall imply any transfer of any Intellectual Property Rights to You. By agreeing to these T&Cs, you are granted a restricted and non-transferable licence to use the App in terms of these T&Cs.  

9.3 You agree not copy, modify, change, alter, adapt, reverse engineer or decompile the App or utilise its software code for any purpose whatsoever. Any such use is unauthorised and prohibited.   

10. Notifications 

10.1 In the event that the App or your Device has been tampered with, lost or and that the App was misused by a third party, please contact us on the below:  

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: 21225589

10.2 Should You contact us as stated above, your App may be suspended and terminated, and You may be required to re-install a new version of the App on a new Device. It shall remain at the full and absolute discretion of Dizz to transfer any loyalty points from your previous account. Dizz shall also not be responsible for any misuse or violation of the T&Cs contained herein.  

11. Governing Law 

11.1 These T&Cs are regulated and governed by the Laws of Malta. Any issues or disputes that may arise in relation to these T&Cs, including any breach thereof, shall be subject to te exclusive jurisdiction of the Maltese Courts